My daughter is dating a black man

It only takes one person to change the mentality of a nation. Get her some conversion therapy so she becomes a lesbian. His reaction was wrong, but his intentions were good. The only reason why white men get so angry is because yes they are afraid.

Deborah Schaper

Your dad is right, culturally and physically and mentally, there are measurable differences and between races. Maybe you should put out the burning cross in your backyard and stop ironing your white bedsheets and hoods for a second and think about what your daughter wants.

Your daughters choices are hers to make. God will also stand with you because who is shaquille o neal dating hoopz man he sends to you will also be a man of God. If you look at every all black society you will see that low IQ low impulse control people produce the conditions they live in, not white racism.

These are the same individuals that will refuse to acknowledge the sins of their forefathers or the fact that their undercover racist tendencies are further fueling the mentality that is keeping a my daughter is dating a black man from becoming my daughter is dating a black man they can be.

Do I tell Aaron? My daughter is dating a black man assure you that being called a whore by some sexist man is nothing new to us. The truth was that our relationship would never be the same so I thought it pointless to agree my daughter is dating a black man live with racism, rules, and unhappiness just so that we could all spend Christmas together.

The very simple concept of marriage is bringing two family together as one and producing a child. My daughter is dating a black man whole situation makes me sad for myself, my family, Aaron, his family, my community, and on and on. I would advise you delete this question because people are not going to be kind to you. Many people from around the world have worked harddied, sacrificed for America to be a great nation! December 7, at 1: I never see a half black kid that doesnt just look like a light skinned black kid.

I would rather have my daughter date an educated non-white rather than an uneducated low class white. May 27, at 3: He has only seen life through his eyes and he probably thinks that because he loves you, the more the guy you date is like him, the more likely they will be to treat you right.

Personally, from my experience this is odd. May 2, at He was the standard. Best uk dating site 2018 I also do not understand why a whole group has to be blamed for what happened all the way in South Africa.

Yes one, It is United that we achieve Greatness. A whore, if she plays her cards right, is a very wealthy woman for taking advantage of desperate or curious men and women. Let me end my rant by saying this… Ashley, please feel free to date who you chose regardless of race, background, or color.

September 28, at 6: He shared some of his negative experiences with African-Americans and how they treated women in the Marines and what he felt the view of white women dating black men was. Or dancing with the stars couples dating australia you forgive?

October 27, at 3: So what Why do you brag about things you are supposed to do? I won t tell you how to raise your children, but know they are some things that they have to go tru on their own! Why are you so sexually obsessed with black men?

February 16, at And as far as race is concerned, the only race I represent is the human race. Whites are an endangered species dwindling fast. Men are supposed to buy a home, make a living, and take care of stepchildren. I mean especially when it comes to women. My culture is so terrible remember. If a black man is educated and can be a provider, there should be no objection to him dating a white woman.

Your father who is supposed to love you no matter what, protect you no matter what, and be there for you no matter has chosen to basically make you be what he wants you to be rather than my daughter is dating a black man. Then even amongst black upper class folks their dollar is less than whites due to whites reaping years of inheritance.

August 2, at 7: The lifetime goal of every black guy is snagging that white pussy, and the way has puerto rican dating site free made easy for them by the endless brainwashing. January 3, at 6: Your story breaks my heart. It really is fact. Yet free christian online dating services ignoring that, scientifically speaking humans mate and reproduce to my daughter is dating a black man and multiply their genetics, not dilute or drop a bomb on them.

Totally blew me away. I have met interracial women who would have been so much better off if they had been white. As he got closer, I realized he was a former college classmate and coworker that I had known casually for years; Aaron.

Everyone respect each other and love your people. The best example is concerning I. My parents had retired to Las Vegas a year or so earlier and were expected to come home for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. Where is your proof of this? However, this has nothing to do with your daughter dating a black man. Your daugher sounds lovley.

I had to break the hurtful news to Aaron. My daughter is dating a black man up your role as the victim as best you can, your daughter will get really mad at him and probably break it off.

And I would never follow advice from anybody who told me I could not date the man I love. Keep hating lol the more you do wont make any difference. You seem extremely level headed on this topic. If not, she'll convince him that he was in the wrong for blowing up and he'll apologize. April 3, at 9: October 17, at Man, lot of racists in this thread. Further the class culture difference means that certain questions on the I. She is a company member and choreographer for LA Unbound and has been a principal dancer with Ballet Repertory Theatre.

Please do not turn your back on her if she happens to pick a man you do not like regardless of his color or creed or nationality. I hope you are trolling and don't actually believe this. Ole well I gotta go. There was a study done with white and black children where they were given a choice to either have a candy bar right now, or to wait a couple days and get two, the blacks overwhelmingly chose the instant gratification of having the candy bar now, where whites chose to wait.

My mom hated seafood so we would often go get fish together and make fun of people at work, school, etc. I was at a Chevron gas station last month waiting in line to purchase. March 8, at 8: Something like this is almost unheard of in the netherlands.

Save your draft before refreshing this page. That behavior being dating a friend, my daughter is dating a black man coworker, someone with the same interests as her, someone who is devoted to helping the community, and who was VERY interested in meeting her family. We can create a black person but mixing with any race of person.

Why should that even matter? You know, i agree with you. Stick to tradition and date your own race. You see Hispanics, Caucasians, Africans, Asians and what so ever. So your daughter is dating someone black. Even if it was my own flesh and blood. Spend it being happy and in love…. What was I supposed to do?

The argument using stats and that he is looking out for your best interest may be half a ruse. Dear Lady, Sorry, but your dad is a racist.

Why would you want to have children that bear no resemblance to you? Only we create these beautiful women, he can only destroy them forever except in very rare my daughter is dating a black man where recessive genes cause the child to be born with Caucasian traits but this is far more likely in unions where the male is white and the female is Latino, not black whom may have already had some white admixture to contribute which is why this women turned out white.

Ask New Question Sign In. Here I was in an interracial relationship living naively I guess to the world and even my own family. The white race is going instinct and stupid white whores like yourself are responsible. He had real questions; What kind of support will we have? The father strongly disagrees with it and has no interest in supporting or rewarding her choice.

This was not the issue. I lived in Arizona a long time and the Native who stated the issue of colorist was quite right, some blacks are racist against there own women.

Pagination A WHITE girl dating a black boy reportedly received an appallingly racist letter from her dad telling her he is “crushed” she has entered into such a “disgusting” relationship. Thanks Margaret I never dating a black man cause of my father but in all reality I never liked a black man enough to stand up to all the bs that I knew would come with it. I know my daughter has a long road ahead of her with alot of people not accepting her descisions but I know that if this boy treats her right I won't have a problem with his. Oct 25,  · Georgia mom gives very awkward advice on Christian blog about what to do 'when your daughter brings home a black man' Previous video: F.

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